Swag wali topi

Swag Gone Wrong with Swag wali Topi

There ain’t no Swag in it! Stop right now..!!!!! And First.. Watch this Video and you would know why 😀     Am confused and so is everyone who watched Dhinchaak Pooja’s “Swag wali Topi” Its going viral in Youtube and yeah its gathering some views..but wait! Is it another Cringe Pop music video?   Or is it she doesn’t… Read more →


3 Wallpapers Relating to World Music Day 2016

Its World Music Day today and its a big day for all the Musicians including us the DJs. Music unites everyone..unites countries..unites the biggest enemies..unifies yourself! The power of music is known through the ages..Can you imagine a world without Music?? It will be a living dead..who doesn’t loves music..Music can Revive a dead soul..dead hopes. Why am blabbing this… Read more →


WARNING!!! Don’t do these 5 mistakes while you are Mixing/Spinning/Playing/Djing live in the nightclub or an event

Yeah..you have been Warned! Don’t ever do these while you are DJing or Mixing: 1. Don’t get too drunked while you are mixing. Now don’t get me wrong pal. A couple of Beers or a peg or two is normal to warm you up for the party. But don’t ever..I repeat don’t ever get too drunked or dead drunked. Yeah… Read more →