admin guys must have noticed that the site was down for a while…

Am soo Sorry for that..a real sorry 🙁

I had been DJing  out in the hills…continuously and I happened to forget to renew the Bluehost Hosting package.

Yep it was a pretty the site remained offline for 3-4 days.

But don’t worry now am back again…
..stay tuned for some dope out soon

till than you can check out this PsyTrance liveset by me..and trip over 😉

Swag wali topi

Swag Gone Wrong with Swag wali Topi

There ain’t no Swag in it! Stop right now..!!!!! And First.. Watch this Video and you would know why 😀     Am confused and so is everyone who watched Dhinchaak Pooja’s “Swag wali Topi” Its going viral in Youtube and yeah its gathering some views..but wait! Is it another Cringe Pop music video?   Or is it she doesn’t… Read more →