LG V20

LG-V20 and it’s Features

This will be the first review i made of a phone in this website.Lets read a different story/review apart from DJing today. Well LG is back again with one of it’s Flagship phone..yes i am talking about the LGV20. No talking shits! Let’s jump directly to the specs: Weight of the phone: 174g The Dimensions: 159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm… Read more →




Well..you guys must have noticed that the site was down for a while…

Am soo Sorry for that..a real sorry πŸ™

I had been DJingΒ  out in the hills…continuously and I happened to forget to renew the Bluehost Hosting package.

Yep it was a pretty mess..so the site remained offline for 3-4 days.

But don’t worry now am back again…
..stay tuned for some dope out soon

till than you can check out this PsyTrance liveset by me..and trip over πŸ˜‰